We are a family that lost a very loved pet three years ago. After a long period of mourning we now have welcolmed a new puppy – Betty.

After all this time we seem to have forgotten that young dogs come with a whole set of issues that need to be managed.

It is in dealing with these issues this website sprang into existence as we wrangle our way through. The way in which puppy issues are treated has changed since our first puppy. It is our challenge to find ones that work for us.


Betty was a country girl and spent her early puppy days in a quiet environment. She was crated by plane to Brisbane – she emerged a little shell-shocked.

Our issues : introduce the puppy to many varied noises in the city centre. Many people, few dogs, cars, buses, motor bikes, bicycles…

Also weird contraptions like lifts, scary people rushing past on scooters, tradies working outside the front door…..Just makes the girl want to bark.

Apartment living

She is now living in a high rise apartment. This added the issue of potty training. While she was pretty good at ‘going toilet’ outside, the difference between inside and outside (balcony) in an apartment looked the same to her. Hmm a few little accidents that are now mostly under control.

Work In Progress

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