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Have you ever been walking your dog, happily going down the street when you suddenly get that sinking feeling when you see another dog coming with their owner?

It means your most adorable but dominant dog is going to try something to get to the other dog. And you’ve really don’t want this to happen. The other dog is on a leash but if the dogs get close there could be trouble.

Now your dog is pulling like crazy on the lead and the hair on their back is starting to rise.

You think of all the different things you have tried to stop this behaviour like:

  • Tugging as hard as you can on the leash,
  • Using a different collar,
  • Trying to distract the dog with food.

Nothing has had the slightest impact. Separation is the only solution.

train dominant dog

What has happened to cause this situation?

The point is that if you’ve been giving your dog the wrong messages at home then it’s too late to turn it around when you see another dog on the street.

Dogs are basically simple animals. Their prime concern is around survival. This includes the property and the pack, especially when they are outside.

Dogs understand there are leaders and followers. The leaders make the decisions as to what is   dangerous and lead when protecting the pack.

So when your dog thinks that they are the pack leader and they are outside and see another strange dog coming towards them? They lead in a dominant way – watch the body language – head-up, tail-up and try to get the other dog to back down.

So, the problem is that your dog thinks they are in charge! They are the pack leader in your home.


What to do??

Take a look at Doggy Dan’s dog training method. The method shows in a very simple way how to get your dog to know who is the pack leader – YOU.

Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that you can take advantage of.

The basics involve using 5 Golden Rules which importantly, are kind and gentle on the dogs.

The site has many videos so you can see how Doggy Dan’s pack behave around other dogs. They do not overplay their role because they all know that he is the pack leader and they can leave the decision making to him. It doesn’t really matter whether your dog is dominant or not. All dogs are different – some dogs are naturally more dominant, and there are some who are more submissive.


The secret

YOU need to be the Pack Leader. Put this is place first and then you will find all the other training approaches that you probably have been using will start to work. The fact is these approaches are probably really good ones but without a solid foundation they simply don’t work.

In summary your dog is not taking any notice of you when the other dog appears. Your dog has to protect its followers in their pack (you). YOU need to become the pack leader.


Training Tricks

Doggy Dan has given some training tricks for me to share. What you aim to achieve is a calmer dog when the other dog approaches. However, the pack leader foundation HAS to be in place first.

  • Food distractions: The key is this: use it as a distraction. Do not reward your dog if they have already lunged towards the oncoming dog. Use amazing food, such as chicken or cheese. Not their usual biscuits!
  • Go slow – have patience: Pushing things too fast may not produce the result you want, but going slowly builds confidence.
  • Control Your dog’s walk: Make sure that you have full control of your dog’s walking before you meet the oncoming dog. Use a different type of collar to the flat collar if you need to.
  • Stay focused: It’s easy to follow your dog’s behavior but remember that you need to continue to show your dog exactly how you want them to behave.
  • Be prepared to intervene: Stay focused on the best result but be ready to lead and quickly guide your dog away or gently tug or correct them.

Remember to relax immediately afterwards – your dog will notice this.

This method is that it works with your dog’s natural instincts – it’s natural that one dog will be more dominant than another. This can’t be changed. But by positioning yourself as the top dog, they will not be overly protective, tense, dominant or take things too far.

Further Information

This video shows two dogs playing dominant and submissive roles if you are interested

 CLICK HERE (video)

Do you think that the time is right to take control and become the kind and gentle pack leader that your dog is looking for?

To get your 3 day $1 trial and take a look around this amazing site now,


Remember that trying to sort the problem when you see the other dog approaching is too late. Fixing the real cause of the issue will turn things around.

So, your dog is just waiting for you at home to show them YOU are the pack leader.

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